vineri, 4 iunie 2010


Saw him on a Friday outside some run down saloon.He was cryin over someone that he felt left much too soon.I said "hey boy don't you cry tonight..let me take you out on this town"
He looked at me and smiled as one last tear splashed off the ground.With half a wink he asked me "Are you some kind of freak?" I told him no, i guess I just feel your vibe is kinda deep,the moon hung over soho and I counted 16 stars
I pointed at the brightest one and said now that one's ours
He's a dandelion, up on his hill above the sea,he's not exactly everything I thought that he might be.He looks like everything I need.I thought he was a flower but I found out he's a weed.Then I hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on
He might just be poison.I said "Hey boy don't you lie to me, tell me everything you feel" We danced around in circles,he said "I think we found something real"

I saw him walking all alone.I walked a little slower just so I'd remain unknown
He met someone on seventeent that he knew her all too well.My little piece of heaven has a secret he won't tell.With half a smile he took her hand and then they walked away.I realized I would not see my boy after today

I fell in love with a dandelion and he's all I ever had.At first he looked so sweet
but in the end he tastes so bad.He's a dandelion, up on his cliff above the sea
He's not exactly everything I thought that he might be

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